Welcome to the broomstick babes emporium

Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for a loved one, or looking for a connection to the devine, we are sure the broomstick babes emporium will have you covered!

If there is something that you can't see but that you are looking for, then drop us a message and we can check our stock 

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Bath & Body

Relax & Recharge

Just like crystals, humans need to re charge too! Take time out for yourself with our collection of bath, body and skin products

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Home & Kitchen

Home Sweet Home

Our collection of Homeware and gifts is sure to turn any home into the perfect coven!

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Incense & Burners

MeditateIn Style

Immerse yourself in the the scent of our premium incense from India. Brows our range of stylish and quirky burners


Cleansing & Smudging

Positive Vibes Only

Envoke a world of positivity with our extensive range of sage and cleansing kits

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Crystals & Healing

Light up Your Life

From pendulums to wands, check out our range of gems

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Fortune & Future

The Future is Yours

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