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   Classic Lashes Course

Course Overview

Are you looking to offer one of The UK's most popular treatments? Then look no further to begin your lash journey! Our detailed, yet affordable course is perfect for anyone who is determined to create a career in Semi permanent Eyelash Extensions.

Classic Eyelash Extensions are also known as Individual Semi Permanent lashes, along with 1:1 Eyelashes. This means, that you will be placing one singular extension on to one singular natural eyelash in order to add length.

During this training course, focus is placed on both the theoretical and practical side of the treatment. You will be taken through all of the (not so exciting but super important) health and safety aspects, along with the (more exciting and just as important) knowledge about materials, curvatures and styling! This will lead on to the practical element of the course, where you will learn to apply the Eyelash Extensions safely and effectively. By completing the theory, this will enable you to understand the technique and use of products to a high standard of quality, therefore ensuring that your lash sets are amazing!

Our classes are kept small so that you have plenty of attention from your tutor, but we also offer 1-2-1 training for an extra fee for those of you that would like that bit extra!

For the practical, you’ll begin by practising on a dummy head and then you will be required to either work on each other or on a model so that you get experience of applying some lashes to natural hair. If you are working on a model, they will need to come in for a patch test 72 hours beforehand. If the model is unable to make it in for a patch test, then the lashes will be removed before they leave.

Although we offer a one-day course, we encourage you to grab your best friends and some family members and submit three case studies, ideally within six weeks. It's not mandatory, but the only way you will develop your skills is with practice!

 We want you to be the best and this ensures your continued improvement in semi-permanent eyelash extension application. It’s such a precise skill to gain, so it’s important as lash artists and therapists that we protect our industry and know our worth! 

Regardless of whether you want to qualify quick, or take your time with case studies, you can rest assured that we are only an email or a phone call away, and you will have our full support even after you are a fully-fledged lash expert!

Course Duration

This is a one day intensive course, where you will be required to either work on each other or bring a model but baring in mind you will need to practice at home to develop your skills.

the course is 2 days if you are attending our combined classic/volume course

Course Fees

      One day intensive small group UK £200


            1-2-1 One day intensive  £275                  

Combined course £320



 EUR 210

One day Intensive

kit £50 /eur 65

Pre Requisites

No previous experience is necessary.

You must be over 16 to train in Eyelash Extensions.

You will need good eyesight to be able to do the course. If you wear glasses, this is not a problem but please bring them with you as you will need to be able to focus clearly to safely perform the treatment.

Fluency in English is important due to the level of theory involved.

If you are pregnant then please contact us prior to booking your course.

  • How to clean the lashes

  • Understanding weights, length thicknesses and which curl to use

  • Eyelash mapping 

  • Application and removal of eyelash extensions 

  • Aftercare advice 

  • Legal Requirements

  • Practical demonstration

  • Practical

  • Questions and answers



On this course you will learn:


  • Introduction to eyelash extensions 

  • Consultation process and patch testing

  • Understanding Contra Indications and Contra Actions 

  • Anatomy & Physiology Hair and Eye

  • Eyelash shedding cycle, maintenance and Troubleshooting

  • Environmental factors

  • Preparing for the treatment

Course Content

What you will receive:

  • A fully insurable accredited certificate personalised to you

  • High quality training in a small class setting

  • A step by step training manual (lash bible!!)

  • Training materials provided for the duration of the course

  • Product advice

  • Ongoing support and guidance from a reputable trainer

  • Refreshments and snacks throughout group sessions. Lunch is provided for all 1-2-1 lessons


Copy of Peridot Beauty Training BY donna
Copy of Peridot Beauty Training BY donna
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