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Level 3Award in Providing Indian Head Massage (rqf)

You will learn the principles of Ayurvedic medicine, how to assess the Ayurvedic Doshas and the benefits of Ayurvedic Oils.  You will also learn Marma points on the head and face as well as performing and adapting Indian head massage techniques correctly and safely to meet the individual needs of your clients.

You will be able to confidently identify factors that may influence your treatment objectives as well as provide clear recommendations to your client.  You will learn when and how to treat a person holistically, and also importantly when not to treat.  

You will also learn to perform the treatment without any oils so that it can be used as therapeutic head, neck and shoulder massage in a corporate environment. 

As the treatment does not require any special equipment (apart from an ordinary chair) it is the ideal treatment to take into a working office environment as well as a treatment that can be easily performed at exhibitions, fairs etc. (These are great places to  promote your practice, by the way!).

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