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   Gua Sha Facial        Training

The Gua Sha technique is an ancient Chinese application, Gua = scraping, Sha = red. 

Gua Sha has recently gained popularity in the West and is fast becoming one of the hottest facial trends on the market.

Qi, in traditional Chinese medicine is energy that flows through the body, and can become blocked, causing pain, puffiness or tension in the muscles and joints of the face too. Qi must be balanced and flow freely to ensure well-being and radiance. Gua Sha techniques aim to relieve stagnation and blockages.  Gua Sha Facial Massage is designed to relieve tension in the muscles of the face, increase blood circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage. 


Using a ‘tool’ (ususally quartz or jade) the practitioner scrapes over the skin causing redness to appear in the area. By stimulating the vascular system, it is believed that any stagnation or build-up can be removed, which can relieve any ailment being treated and promote recovery by stimulating the healing process. It can also be applied to enhance one’s immunity and to maintain good all-around health.

Pre Requisites

To attend this course you must be qualified in Facials or Massage


£150 including a small kit


This is a one day accredited course

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